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WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO v2.2.8.5 WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO Free Download Nulled – WP-Hide | WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO v2.2.8.5 Nulled is the easy way to avoid being available by coding for your WordPress. A big improvement on Web Security because hackers don’t find any track of WordPress on their site. More than 99,99 percent of hackers on blogs are targeting those plug-ins and themes. Because plugins and themes for WordPress are no longer found, no hack occurs even when a website uses exploitable code.Provides a clean way to remove fingerprints, including themes, and plugins from WordPress.No adverse effect at all on SEO! Basic aspects of SEO can be strengthened wisely.No file and directory change!There is no shift in every file and directory, everything is practically processed! Using URL rewrite techniques and WordPress filters, the premium plugin code applies all internal functions and functions. Everything is done automatically, no user interaction is required at all.Real hide of WordPress core files and pluginsThe WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO Plugin not only helps you to alter WordPress’ default urls, it also hides/blocks defaults! Additional plugins similar just alter the slogans but the default is still available, revealing obviously WordPress as CMSChange the default User password to something completely random from wp-admin and wp-login.php. Nobody would ever know where to try and define a password and hack your website. Fully unseen!!

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